DirectDisk for Win2000/NT

By Nicola {MSX} Lugato
nicola +at+ lugato +dot+ net
(his site)

DirectDisk for Win2000/NT allow you to directly access physical sectors from floppy, hard disks, logical volumes and CDRoms.
It is useful when you are going to manually create boot disks, or if you want to backup or edit them. It is an extremely simple and easy to use program: simply select the drive, the sector number to read/write and press Read/Write.
The integrated HexEditor allow you to easily manipolate data in it.

This program is no longer mantained. The autor (me) has definitively switched to Linux and will not support windows programs anymore.
If you want to be happy, pass to linux too.

Go to the project page on SourceForge.net

Here is the main program window:
Main window

Those are the devices selectable. You can choose logical disks or even physical, so you can access master boot sectors too.
Device selection

This is the main menu. The "Safety lock" prevent you from accidental disk overwriting.
Menu items

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